Thursday, August 20, 2015

Three Days in Venice

My Adventure
Hello everyone! If you haven't seen my last blog post (Four Fantastic Days in Florence), make sure you check that our before reading this.

The next location that I went to after visiting Florence was Venice, and this was the last stop that I made in Italy. I think that Venice was the most unique place that I visited on my whole adventure to Europe. Although Venice is considered an island, it is still connected to the mainland, but there are no cars allowed on the “island”, so the only transportation besides walking is by boat. We were only in Venice for 3 days, so my family and I decided that once we arrived in Venice, we were going to make the most of each day that we were there. When we arrived, it was about 12:00 in the afternoon and we quickly headed out of the train station so that we wouldn't miss our boat ride over to the part of the island where we were staying. We got on the boat and when we arrived at our hotel, we unpacked and headed out to explore. There were so many amazing things that I had read about Venice online, and I had no idea how we were supposed to fit everything into three days. We started by going to a local restaurant to get lunch, and then went to a nearby church. After looking at the church for about an hour, we decided that it would be nice to just walk around outside and see if there was anything interesting that we might bump into. We saw amazing architecture and waterways and eventually found the place where we would be eating dinner. After dinner, we walked around the island for a few more hours and then decided to return to the hotel.
The next morning, we decided that we would walk over to the Rialto Bridge and get a good view of Venice. When we arrived, there were hundreds of people, but the view was amazing. We spent about 30 minutes on the bridge just looking at the view and taking pictures. When we decided that we were finally done with he crowds of people, we went down the other side of the bridge to a local market. We saw fresh fish and produce, but had no room for it in our hotel, so we just ended up buying some fruit and continued to explore. We walked for about an hour, and eventually found our way around to a branch of the island that gave us an amazing view and a nice quiet area to relax and take in everything that we had seen in the past few days.  We sat near the water for a few minutes and then decided to look into one of the buildings nearby. We took a few quiet pathways back towards our hotel and discovered a place for dinner and desert. After dinner, we did what we had been looking forward to the entire time… a gondola ride!! Although it was dark when we did the boat ride, and there weren't many chances for great pictures, it was a great time to take a break from the social world and take in the extravagant and exciting culture that was happening all around us. After about two hours, we finished our gondola ride, and returned to our hotel.
The next an final morning, we packed up the things we had, due to the fact that we had to leave the hotel by 11:00 am. We got some breakfast and returned to the hotel to pick up our bags. We got our bags and checked out of the hotel, but we still had a few hours before our train left to go to Munich, so we decided that we would walk around Venice for the last time with all of our luggage (bad idea). The streets in Venice are all cobblestone which made wheeling out bags that much harder, so we eventually just had to carry our bags which was a little difficult. Then the time came to get on the boat that would be taking us back to the train station. We arrived at the station after about 20 minutes, and hustled over to board our overnight train to Munich, Germany.

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  1. Lovely photos! Venice is very high on my bucket list :)